About us

We believe in giving our patients a choice in treatment and we always educate and discuss treatment options with our patients before a decision is made. In fact, all new patients will experience the gentle touch of our dental surgeons as they make use of a highly magnified intra oral camera to examine your teeth in detail. The intra oral camera also helps us to show you the areas that require more care on your part.


At Smiles Inc, we are true believers that preventive care and patient education are the keys to optimal dental health. We focus on thorough examination checking the overall health of your teeth and gums and taking x-rays when necessary. We personally teach maintenance & stress on routine cleanings, flossing, sealants, and fluoride which are all helpful in preventing dental disease. We are not only focused on the beauty of your smile, we are also concerned that the treatments are as painless as possible.

Smiles Inc. is a provider of all the necessary dental services right from Cleanings and simple Fillings to complex Root Canals, Gum Surgery and Implants etc.


We understand that conservative treatment is achieved through prevention, early diagnosis, and patient education. We aim to treat you with the latest technologies, allowing the most comfortable and minimally invasive Cosmetic dentistry possible.

We have listed down a little about the technology we offer:

INTRA-ORAL CAMERAS: By maneuvering a small camera lens in your mouth, we can project images of teeth allowing us (and you) to be better informed when making treatment decisions that are best for you.

Digital X-RAY: For low radiation exposure & quick images we use Kodak Digital X-rays.

Apex Locator: the Best, J.Morita Apex Locator during Root canal treatment to know the length of the root.

UV Chamber: To maintain sterilized instruments in a vacuum atmosphere. Hand pieces with miniature Head: The small hand piece gives better vision even while working on last molar.

Lead Aprons: To avoid secondary radiation while taking x-rays.

Hygiene: All instruments including cotton & gauzes are packed in Autoclavable packets & sterilized before treatment.

Magnifying Loupes: For a better vision & to see the cavity & the canals precisely.

                                                        "We use the best quality materials and instruments for all the procedures."


—To provide a friendly, gentle and pain free environment.
—To be the dental clinic of choice in providing technologically advanced yet affordable treatment options for every client visiting our dental clinic.


— Smiles Inc. facilities are outfitted with state of the art dental equipment and technology to offer the best and most cutting-edge treatment available to all of our patients.
— Smiles Inc. has personally trained and expert staff of dental technicians to insure the highest quality of care to Smiles Inc. patients.